Producers Livestock Credit Corporation offers financing programs structured to support feeders, growers, finishers, cow-calf men, retained ownership growers / feeders or investors.  Our program flexibility provides financial support on-farm and in commercial feedlots throughout the Midwest and Western United States.

We provide the following credit facilities (click links below for more information):

Farmer Feeder/Feedlot Loans
Custom Feeding Loans
Breeding Stock Loans
Feeder Pig Loans
Farrow to Finish Hog Production Loans
Operating Loans

Download a Loan Application.
Download a Ag Financial Statement

Mail the completed forms, your financials & tax returns to:

Producers Livestock Credit Corporation
PO Box 45978
Omaha, Nebraska  68145-0978

or fax it to: 402-597-9505

Office Location:

Producers Livestock Credit Corporation
4809 South 114th Street
Omaha, Nebraska  68137

For more information contact us:


Livestock Risk Protection Insurance

Producers Livestock Credit Corporation also offers Livestock Risk Protection Insurance which is another alternative for protecting price levels for future sales of cattle and hogs.
(Click here to learn more information on Livestock Risk Protection Insurance.)



Producers Livestock Credit Corporation