The Mission of Producers Livestock Credit Corporation --

“To encourage profit and opportunity for American agriculture.”

Producers Livestock Credit Corporation (PLCC) offers financing for all types of cattle and hog feeding programs.  PLCC is a part of the family of services provided to US livestock agriculture by Producers Livestock Marketing Association, Omaha, Nebraska.  PLCC has been providing credit to farmers and ranchers for over 80 years.

Located in Omaha, Nebraska with business activities throughout Mid-America, PLCC provides credit and feeding programs for farmers and ranchers of all sizes.



Our experienced staff understands livestock feeding risks and rewards and can assist you with your credit needs.  Whether you’re a farmer or an investor, we provide conventional and specialty financing products that can be tailored to fit your feeding and hedging plans.

Our programs are structured to support the feeder, grower, finisher, cow-calf man, retained ownership grower / feeder or investor.  Our program flexibility provides financial support on-farm and in commercial feedlots throughout the Midwest and Western US.

We create relationships with producers and their primary lenders that are reciprocal and mutually beneficial. We believe that the continued evolution of US agriculture will bring about more coordinated efforts between all segments of the food chain. In an effort to add value to the work of all parties, win-win relationships will drive the future development of many food industry ventures.

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Producers Livestock Credit Corporation